Tanjore Raghavendrar mutt

Guru Ragavendrar-Tanjore

Tanjore is the important place in the history of Guru Raghavendrar.

The name Venkatanatha which was the name kept by their parents had been changed to ” Sri Ragavendra Theertha” here only.
Yes,Having determined to take up sannyasa ,Venkatanatha went to Sri Sudheendhra .He accompanied his guru on his tour, from Kumbakonam to Tanjavur .
The ruler Raghunatharao who was The ruler of Tanjore  that period ,had arranged a grand reception for swami there.
Sri Sudhindra told Raghunatha Rao about his decision to intiate Venkatabhattu into sannyasa .
He made suitable arrangements for the occasion .
In the year Rudhirodgari of salivahana era 1625 AD,Sri Sudhindra gave sannyasa to Venkatabhattu.
The programme was gone through with great pomp and glory.Raghunatha Rao showed his esteem for both the swamis and received their blessings.

The appellation of “Sri Ragavendra Theertha” was given
to Guru here only.Many scholars ,poets ,devotees and common people were present on the great occasion.

Swami AArthi in Naaga form

History of Tanjore Raghavendrar Mutt:-

As I asked the Priest of this mutt, here I would like to share the  history of this mutt in this blog.
Vijayendrar, who was the Guru of Venkatanathar(Our Guru Raghavendrar) decided that among all of his disciples
only our swami had all eligibility for “Madhva Peetathipathi” after him.
Other senior disciples of Swami Vijayendrar were in jealous and were against to swami on next Peetathipathi. At this time, Venkatanathar came to Tanjore and selected
a place(Place where Guru`s mutt at Thanjavur is located) to do ‘thapas’ and daily poojas, which was in the
midst of deep forest and on the bank of one of the branches of cauvery which is now called as ‘Vadavaru’.

Swami spent 12 years in this place and later, Swami was entitled as ‘Raghavendrar’ by the great gatherings of people,
the ruler and Guru Vijayendrar. After that, Guru Started his way by walk throughout the South India.Later, he chose Manthralayam
as the place for Jeevasamathi.

The King of Tanjore Raghunatha was worried as there were big drought throughout his kingdom once Swamigal left Tanjore. And he offered Ragavendra swamigal to come to his kingdom back to make prosperity all over.At one fine night, Guru had come in the dream of the Ruler and asked him to build a mutt for him to bless people.But Ruler didn’t know where to build the temple, then Guru told him that ” I would come in the form of Sarpam(Snake) and I will show you the spot to establish the temple”. As Guru informed the next day Snake showed him the way and took him to the spot and at once its changed to small statue which can witness even today beneath the Swamigal .As guru Ordered,the Ruler built a mutt to Guru Ragavendrar.

There is no top roof to Guru.Either  the rain or Sun light are directly fall on Guru.Most of the Guru Mutts in our country have been establishing as” Mrithika Brindhavanam”. But this mutt and Andhra Manthralayamhad been established by Guru`s Order. And only in these two mutts, we can get Guru’s Mrithigai(The Holy sand).

So Guru Raghavendrar in the Tanjore mutt is a form of Sarpam.It has once again proved by the photo which was taken
on the day of Guru’s Aradhanai(8-7-2009 7.49a.m.).
Yes, you can see the Sarpam (snake)form in the ‘DHEEPA AARATHI’.

Miracle Of Guru Raghavendra Mutt Tanjore:-

The most powerful place I have ever seen in my life time.Till now, it is goose bumps to me
when i think about the Miracle that was happened in my friend’s life.It was an unusual and unbelievable incident happened to My close friend and i don’t want to mention his name , who is very studious and he used to come to temples rarely and he is from the lower middle class family.After our +2 examination results, there was a great confusion to him about his higher studies.
Because he had got the outstanding cut-off in the engineering entrance but medicine cut-off was somewhat lesser
that he couldn’t enter into the one of his favorite prestigious college. His parent wanted him to do Medicine, but he wanted to do Engineering since he could easily get seat in Anna university.At that time, I asked him to come to mutt
regularly and told him Guru would Solve his problem.

He didn’t tell what were his prayers and all.According to all of our staffs and friends, he could get newly opened medical college(during that time) at Vellore, but not prestigious college.One fine morning he went to Chennai for his medical counselling. Actually.Actually his counselling time was around 12.30pm but he casually reached the spot by 9 itself.And the great miracle  was waiting for him.

One fellow was calling out his name for several times he thought they were calling other fellow who  had the same name as him.Then he realized that they were calling him only and he entered into the counselling room.
They asked him “Which college you want to get into?”And by mentioning one of the Top Medical College name, he was asking whether seat available in that college or not. They replied him if you choose the seat then you would be the first to take that college in B.C quota. He was totally stunned and speechless by the things which were all happening there at that time.

Actually his ranking was in some of hundreds in B.C quota but in the last moment they declared him as a one  among the 1st rank holder in B.C.And they allocated the seat in the college he demanded.The officers verified his marks and signed in his certi too.

He told the things which were all happened to him and also about the prayer he offered in Guru mutt.

He prayed like ” if  Medical college means he wanted to join only in that particular Top Medical College in Tamil Nadu which was not at all possible to his mark so that he could join in Engineering college. Guru Raghavendrar gave a positive twist to him in his life and Guru showered his blessings to him to enter into the medical college which he demanded.

Yes he completed his MBBS Studies in 2010 and now studying MD .!!
Can you ever imagine like this? even 0.001 mark would have greater impact for getting Colleges in the counselling .
But his cut-off was increased by 2.5 marks .Unimaginable things are possible to Our Kamadhenu(Ragavendrar).
My friend is the best example who experienced our Guru’s miracle in person.

Please see the following picture very carefully you will realize one miracle that occurred while taking Aarthi on Aradhan Festivel.

Guru Face like Lord Hanuman on Aaradhana function 2010

Come and spend some time in this mutt !!!

Believe and worship our Guru!!!

You will surely get the things which is more and more than you actually  deserve!!!


18 thoughts on “Tanjore Raghavendrar mutt

  1. Kankanda dheiyvam…
    surrender to him in this mutt v ll get things in correct time,which v really in need … had many personal experience..

    Jai Guru Raghavendraya Namaha :

  2. Chanceless… Guru’s Grace.. He is showing his identity to us on the special day… We are very much blessed to be from this divine place Thanjavur… We should be thankful to Guru Raghavendrar…

  3. I recently went to this vadavaru mutt. This place is really awesome and peaceful. Tears started rolling from my eyes immediately i saw rayaru, due to happiness. You can forget all your worries after seeing rayaru here. you just go there and he knows what needs to be done to you. Such a powerful place. Go there and experience. Om Shri pujyaya namaha…

  4. Yes. All are true and I have also visited this temple one time. U can see Royer here, after surrender yours..

    OM Sri Raghavendraya Namaha..!

  5. For the last 17 years I am visiting this Mutt (Devasthanam) and praying,once you have entered here we will forget about us and start praying Lord Guruji,most outstanding & peaceful mandir.Go and feel that experience………….Great ,marvellous and amazing

  6. i want to visit thanjor Raghavendra Mutt. Please tell me if they have any guest house of their own? If so, the contact number.

    MK Rajagopal

  7. Yes. no lodging place in Mutt. You have to arrange in Tanjore. Try to get lodging in Tanjore Old bus stand, since this temple 2 – 3 KM away from Old bus stand.

  8. Guru raghavendraya Namaha – A powerful and peaceful place. U will forget all your worries in this temple for sure.

  9. Now I’m on the way to temple.. I usually don’t demand god. Anything and everything I leave it to him. I thank him for I’m being so.. “Om Shri Raghavendraya Namaha!”

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