Reliance Trends Chrompet – Chennai

Reliance Trends – chrompet :

My advice to the readers is to avoid this reliance trends chrompet for your pleasant shopping experience.

Yes friends i had the worst shopping experience in my life time means it was reliance trends chrompet.

On February 4th,2012  i went to this shop with my two friends and my brother around 7.45 pm.Next day was my brother birthday so i wanted to buy new dress for him. Collections were not that much good no cargo varieties  anyway i preferred one set of dress to my brother and my other friend bought one set of dress to him. Finally we finished shopping by 8.50pm and we started to stand in the queue by 8.55pm . No separate Cash counters for gents section(2nd floor), so we had to pay amount in ground floor only.

Standing……standing…. standing……………..standing……..   finally by 10.20pm we paid the cash  . More than one and half hours we were waiting to pay the cash . If the next day was not my brother’s birthday i might have thrown the dress and left out the shop . Our total plan of the night went wrong .we didnt find hotels in that time for dinner , many people from the other area who came in train and buses missed their transport frequency and even their programs were gone .

If you have any idea to goto reliance trends chrompet be sure that you don’t have any work for that whole day else your entire program will be collapsed .

Avoid Shopping in Reliance Trends chrompet for fast and happy shopping .

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2 thoughts on “Reliance Trends Chrompet – Chennai

  1. really true… had hectic experience.. i was standing in the queue for 1 hour to pay the cash but took a shirt in 15 mints..

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