Anti Corruption Movement

Anti Corruption Movement in Chennai :-

Finally this is the time to Show the Spirit of Indians to save our Country from the politicians who are stealing our country’s wealth.

Supporting towards Anti Corruption Movement is not like supporting to an individual(Anna Hazare).Its like giving Hands and raising our hands by forgetting our caste,language,region,etc to save our country from the corrupted Politicians irrespective of the Parties.What a crowd !!! What a Crowd !!!! all over our country as  the favor of JanLokapal Bill.People vary from 5 to 90 years old are being participated in this movement.People in gulf countries like Egypt,labia made revolution against dictatorship and for the favor of democracy.Here in our country Over freedom to an individual(including to terrorists) made corruptions and threats to the citizens.


yup finally I participated in the Anti Corruption movement from morning. Had a great feelings..

Good crowd but i feel one thing, we are ready to spend thousands of money to see cricket matches like odi,t20,etc and supporting our country and our team with huge crowd tat too for few hours enjoyment, y can’t we  participate this type of events to see our India Corruption less country .

I’m sure everyone of us is fan follower of some celebrity and some of us die hard fan of some Actors or muscians. Why can’t we think it is their call to participate in the anti corruption movement which held over the county.While i was returning in bus from the movement  someone asked  y myself and and my friend(guru) were holding our flag.Then we told just we support Anna Hazare movement,They asked wat does it mean.. We Shocked and explained them as we could.So it is our duty to make awareness to the illiterate and unknown ppl since this NEWS is hiding by State Politicians   TV Channels and press..

In chennai Adayar they organized very very well and ppl and passers-by are giving their support,.more than 30 ppl r in continues fasting since last 6 days.My greatest salute to them.Thousands of ppl are being participated.This type of movement take place all over our country even in small streets.

Im sure ppl in Social Network supports this movement but i feel these ppl should physically present in the rally conducting near by your place.Even today and till hazare ji finish his fasting in Marina beach daily evening they planned to conduct big rally by holding a candle. People near by tat area try to give our support.

It(India) is our home. It is our duty to clean our home by sweep the dusts ,stains and threats.

Join the hands for this good cause…

Jai Hind!!


3 thoughts on “Anti Corruption Movement

  1. Participated peaceful cadle light march and bike rallies in chennai with anti corruption movement.Very proud to say that i am Indian after seeing such a wonderful non violent protest/march to erradicate corruption.
    Always indebted to Mahathma Gandhiji to teach us Ahimsa and Shri Anna to continue his Path.Jai Hind.
    I strongly believe with this type of people movement,we will get Jan Lok Pal Bill and my two year kid will be saved from corruption and corrupted Society.Anna,Never forget this help in our life time to lead us from the fornt.

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