A village on the Bank of River Cauvery which is located on 1.5km from Thiruvaiyaru (soil for karnatic music) of Tanjore District.The historic name of this village is “Thiruneythanam”.The late Thillaisthanam Rama Iyengar was a senior disciple of great Thyagaraja had lived here.


DSC00545 DSC00548 DSC00532

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This is the village of well developing in all the criteria . Four temples are located near by near.Land Mark for this place as follows

  • Lord Srinivasa Perumal Temple
  • Naiyadiappar(Lord Ishwaran )Temple
  • Ilangovai Amman(The Kaalli) Temple
  • Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple
  • Sri RamaKrishna Middle School && Orphanage.

Lord Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple:

Srinivasa Perumal Temple Tower-ThillaisthanamDSC00777















Photo album of kumabishegam can view from the following links


Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple is there in west side of Thillaisthanam Agraharam. There are huge number of families in and around Thillaisthanam agraharam keeps Sri Srinivasa Perumal as their favorite family God in their life. From the Cauvery end, This temple is the third one among three temples.

The Kobura vasal is 40  feet and the whole temple is area 6400 sqfeet.
The main kobura vasal itself act as Vaigunda vasal in Vaigunda Egadasi period and Srinivasa permal sannithi is towards east side.
There are two entrance doors Uthraayana vaasal and Dhakshraayana vaasal as same as other vishnu temples. For every six months  the entrance will be changed from one to another as per vaishnava sambradhya.
 As per Pancharatra Agamam, they were built a temple and erected the statues of Sri Alarmel Manga and Sri Srinivasa Perumal.  Later they developed this temple a lot and started to perform Utsavams for perumal.
Now days many utsavams like, Brahmotsavam, Pavithrotsavam, Lakshaarchanai&Kalyana Utsavam,Raapathu utsavam, Radha Kalyana Utsavam and Marhazhi Bhajan are carrying out by the villagers very well.

  Brahmotsavam is the main festival in this temple which will celebrate for 10 days in the month of April.
Both morning and evening Srinivasa Perumal will come to the four streets around the temple.  In morning perumal will come in a normal vahanam with different special make-up for each day. In the evening he will come in the special vahanas for each day.
In this temple they have special vahana’s for Sesha, Surya Prabhai, Garudan, Hanuman, Horse and Elephant on 10th day of the Utsavam there will be a Car Festival.  This Utsavam will be end up with Pushpa Pallakku or Muthu Pallakku.
While perumal coming to the streets group of people will chant VEDAM.
Raapathu utsavam(navaraathri or Dhasra Period) is the festival which is celebrated in the month of September.
Starting from the first day Perumal purapadu would take place inside the temple itself.It will take place in the evening for the whole ten days.

 Pavithrotsavam is an another function which is being celebrated for 6  days in the month of October.

It is celebrated for the world welfare and peace by chanting Slokas and let Yaagam in both morning and evening for 5 days. Purnaavadhi is the important event in the Yaagam.

 Sixth day this celebration will be ended by the function Theerthvaari. In this function utsavar take holy bath in the river cauvery at that all the devotee will take holy bath with Perumal.

It is like compensation to the God in the event of mis-behavior which may taken place knowing or unknowingly in the Pooja in that whole year.

Lakshaarchanai & Kalyana Utsavam is another function is being celebrated in the month of August.

It is the function in which 1008 different names of Perumal being chanted for every devotee , who enroll their name for this pooja for the benefit of their family welfare. Totally a lakh times God name would be chanted in this period.

It is Followed by the Kalayana Utsavam.It is the big event where the arrangements are more than  a person marriage.First day with Jaanavasam and second day follow by the marriage.The feast lunch will be Provided for the whole villagers.

Margazhi Bhajans is taken place in the month of December.

During this 30 days of  this month the temple will be opened by 4am, villagers actively participate in the early morning Bhajan.

It starts in the Bajan Mantapam at 5a.m. and people by singing God’s songs would cover the whole street and return back to temple by 6am. At that time Dhanur month pooja will take place to perumal and its ended by 6.30 am. Its the activity during the whole margazhi(app:December) month.

Other than the above festival Perumal Purapadu take place during the following days

Sravanam, Aegadhesi,Ammavaasai,Maasa Pirapu,Akshyathrudhiyai, Vaikunda Aegadesi,AAdipuram, Panguni uthram.

Sannithies of the Temple:
Following sannithi is available in Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple for  devotees.
1. Srinivasa perumal with Sridevi,Booma devi and Alwargal.
2. Thayar Sannithi
3. Sakkrathazhvar sannithi(Yoga Naasimhar behind)
4. Anjaneyar Sannithi
5. pajanai mandabam
6. Vasanda mandabam
6. Vagana madabam
7. Kannadi Arrai
8.Thirumadaippalli (Pantry)

Tenth Day of Bramha Utsavam

Belief and Truth behind :-

A very powerful God, like Thirupathi Temple here too all utsavam like Brahma Utsavam,Pavithra utsavam,Kalayana Utsavam,Radha Kalyana utsavam, Bhajans,etc are carrying out by the villagers very well.

Brahma utsavam is the very fantastic event which is the 10 days festival. Both in morning and evening Perumal rounds the four street around the temple.Night time Perumal will come in different vaagana like(horse, Garudan,Elephant,etc) and it will ended with 10th day car festival.

People are doing seperate Prayers by donating amount for doing separate Kalyana utsavam, Purapadu, which results the devotees prayer’s into success.

click here for Brahma Utsavam 2010 Photos

People wish to do separate purapadu and other prayers to this temple  can contact the following person.

Sri Sudharsana Kaingarya Sabha,


Pin code-613203,
Phone Number :04362-260324
Mobile Number:9842678983,9965602302

Naiyadi Appar Temple:

This is the Historic temple in which APPAR,SUNDARAR,ARUNAGIRI NADHAR had sung on Lord Siva.

Vaalambigai Amman Alangaram On Sabdhasthanam Night


Sri Neiyadi Appar Temple:

One of the ancient temple in Tanjore district.  This temple built in 8th century AD by First Aditya Chola (AD 871-901).

This temple is one of the 274 thevaara sthalams and 52nd out of 63 thevara sthalams situated in north bank of cauvery.  Thirunaavukkarasar has sung 5 pathigam (verse), Thirugnanasambandar has sung 1 pathigam and Sundarar has sung 1 song about this god.

Beauty of  Neyyadiappar Temple :-



The  Lord Shiva (Naiyadiyappar) temple ) describe the beauty of the temples and village as equivalent to Lord shiva manakolam. This temple comprises of 2 Prahaaram. One is not so big which is particularly for lord shiva.And in yhis praaharam there are seperate Sannadhis for Lord Ganapathy,Lord Murugan, Lord Dhakshnamoorthy,Lord Saraswathy and Also 6 siva Lingam which are also there  to  indicate brothers of this temple Shiva from the rest of the below(under next heading) listed places of lord shiva temple.And there is an another Praharam which is very big. On the day of every Pradhosham swami Purapdau takes place in this big praharam.

The earliest name of Thillaisthanam village is “Thriunaithanam”. As Thirunavukarasar told in Devaram pathigangal, if anybody even think about the village  “Thirunaithanam” , surely they improve a lot in their devotional path. In this case, imagine how it will be if we visit the village Thillaisthanam regularely.Grand Festival Of the Temple:-

This is the Historic temple in which APPAR,SUNDARAR,ARUNAGIRI NADHAR had sung on Lord Siva.

SABDHASTHANAM ” is a famous festival being celebrated here by 7 villages around Thiruvaiyaru.


A Brief about famous festival Sabdasthanam:

SABDA means seven and STHANAM means place (temple).

It believes that the people from seven villages near Thiruvaiyaru (refer seven villages above) might have been decided to celebrate a marriage festival to Swami Ayyarappar on CHITRA POWRNAMI On that occasion they also been planned to gather seven gods of their village at that marriage being held in Thiruvaiyaru.  For that Swami Ayyarappar will go to nearby villages in person to invite other 6 gods for his marriage.

The day before CHITRA POWRNAMI, in the morning Swami Ayyarappar (Swamy of Thiruvaiyaru) will start his trip to visit other Sabdasthanam temples. All the 7 god including neyyadiappar will gather in cauvery soil and there will be a wonderful crackers show will be shown in the air in front of thousands of people.

The next day morning all the 6 gods will go together behind Swami Ayyarappar (swamy of Thiruvaiyaru)  to Thiruvaiyaru and participate in the Marriage function.  In the evening all of them will back to their place.

Elangovai Amman Temple:

History of the Temple :-
Sree Elangovai Amman Temple - Thillaisthanam

Sree Elangovai Amman – Thillaisthanam

Once, Sri Bhagavathi Amman of Kerala wants to have a temple near the Holy river of Cauvery.  So, she ordered people through a village shepherd to pack her idol in a palm leaf box and let that into the Holy river of Cauvery.  As per the instruction they let the box into the Cauvery, it travelled all the way to the Holy place of Thillaisthanam along with retinue (ie., Malayala Karuppu, Madurai Veeran and others).  Mean time a Brahmin couples (pregnant lady and her husband) were crossing the way through Thillaisthanam, they took rest near cauvery because of tiredness.  Mean while a voice from heaven (Asareeree) came and instructed to that man to take the palm leaf box from Cauvery river and to place it besides the Alli Kulam (Lilli Pond) near the river, if he do so, his wife will deliver a male baby in a easy manner.  As per the instruction he placed the idol near alli kulam (Lilli pond) and he came back to river to take care of his wife, mean while her wife delivered a male child and she said a small girl came and helped her to deliver a baby.  Suddenly a young girl gave a dharshan with soolam to that couple and blessed them. Then they established separate Temple with that Statue.From that day The Goddess Elangovai Amman is  wary( guardianship) for our entire village(Thillaisthanam).

Sree Elangovai Amman Temple – Thillaisthanam

Sri Laksmi Narasimhar Temple:-

This temple is established and maintained by the H.H. 45th & 46th Jeer of Sri Ahobila Mutt.

This small temple is facing North side and Moolavar Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar is also facing north side along with Sri Hayagreevar, Swami Nammalwar, Swami Ramanujar and Swami Sri Desigan.  Separate Thirumadaippalli is there in this temple.


Sri Ramakrishna Middle School: (since 1925)


Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa

This School had started in the year 1925 by VeeraRagavachary(Veeru Iyyengar)& his brother for uplifting of villagers to eradicate the word illiterate from the place. Just imagine before our nation’s independence how our villages would be.
This school had been crossing 85 years since, and alumni of this school are now in very very great height across the world.This school now having up to 8th standard.Later 70’s they had started orphanage where the young orphans could join and continue their studies upto 8th standard.Children from surrounding villages have been studying here.

Last Week 25-03-2012(Sunday) the grand function of 100th birthday celebration of Mr.Veeraraghavachariar(The Founder of the School) and Swami Vivekanada 150th birthday were celebrated by the School Alumni .People who are all in good position today came there and were speaking the experience had in the school days and appreciated Veeru sir for his selfless service for the village in the year between 1920’s to 1960’s.  Their speeches were really touched. This function is completely took over by alumni.

The touching part in that function was that they had given memento to all the direct heirs and family of Veeru sir.

The function was ended by the Great upanyaasam of the leading celebrity Mrs. Saraswathi Ramanathan on Seetha Kalyanam .  Last week Our Village was in full of celebration mood.

 Sri RamaKrishna Middle School,
Pin code-613203,
Phone Number :04362-260324
HOME FOR THE DESTITUTES AND THE ORPHANS:-(Sri Ramakrishna Maanavar Illam (orphanage) Around the globe the status of an Orphan is the same irrespective of their Caste, Creed or Religion. This is becoming a serious problem to every Nation with no solution. To cater to such poor destitute children an orphanage namely SRI RAMAKRISHNA MAANAVAR ILLAM was started in the year 1975. Around 150 Children from surrounding villages have been studying here and being benefited through this Orphanage.  The Orphanage is providing free food, cloths, shelter, notebooks, pencils and pens.  In case any medical assistance needed to the orphans they themselves provide Medicines and pay doctor fees without any charging orphans.  They are being looked after with great care and affection. GERIATRIC CARE:- Old age people are becoming the neglected members of the society and are denied their due respect and care.  Owing to their age and disability to do the work by themselves and no earning, they are being treated as a burden in the family. They have to depend on other members of the family and hence they are discarded by the society. EXPENSES FOR 150 DESTITUTE ORPHANS Per DayBreak fast Rs. 1500/-Lunch Rs. 2000/-Dinner Rs. 1500/-


Total Expense per day is Rs. 5000/-



Per Day

Break fast Rs. 250/-

Lunch  Rs. 500/-

Dinner Rs. 250/-

 Total Expense per day is Rs. 1000


 If you want to serve the Old Age persons and Destitute Children Kindly help us

By sponsoring to any of the above through Cheque / D.D. in favor of

 You can be a part of SRI RAMAKRISHNA MAANAR ILLAM by sponsoring any of the following needs. You

can share in cash or in any kind on any day or to mark specific occasions like Birthdays, Wedding or Anniversary days.









Phone Number: 04362-262713 Mobile Number: 9443550734, 9486575759, And 9843441381




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  1. I used to live in Thillaisthanam between 1969-1978. My brother Babu (Gowrishankar), my sister Lalitha and myself (savita) all went to Rama Krishna Padasalai and then onto Srinivasa Rao High School. My grand father’s name is Ramachandra Iyer. We lived with our grandparents in Thillaisthanam. I am trying to reach anyone who lived in that time period. contact me at the email address.

    We now live in Canada.

    It was so good to see our schools on the blog.

    have a good day.


  2. hi,
    ur blog is nice… jus a few months ago a researcher came and made a research about thillaisthanam…… i feel proud to live in thillaisthanam now…. and this response to yr blog is written in thillaisthanam through my broadband…. now its no more a village…. its somewhat in between a village and a town… we are soon getting a road which directly connects trichy….

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    First of all, i would like to thank Balaji to make all of us by feeling our native through this website.

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    We request our Sriman thangihal to be present in coming Brahma utsavam festival which start from 27th April 2010.

    Once again Thanks to Balaji,

    Ram Ram Sathya!

  5. I have a fascination for all the Srivaishnava Kshetrams in Thanjavur Dist. In particular I love Thillaisthanam for the reason that my maternal grand father hails from this place though he migrated to distant Ramanathapuram when he was presented with inam lands by the then Rajah of Ramnad. My maternal grand father and his four brothers were settled in and around Ramnad and their progeny are scattered in many places mostly in Chennai. Once I had an occasion to visit Thillaisthanam and I have an unforgettable memory of my visit.

  6. Your blog is very interesting. I am from Thanjavur. I had visited many a times Thillaisthanam temple. Now presently I am settled in Coimbatore. I want a favour from you. If you happened to go to Neyyadiappar temple, Please give me the following details from that temple.

    There are 2 poems written on thilliaisthanam shiva by Ottakoothar and Pugalendhi. Both these poems are within the temple and on stone inscription. The Poem starts as

    Vikka Vukka -by Otta koothar

    Tharkoliko – by Pugalendhi.

    Will you please get me the whole poems as I have forgotten a few lines from the verses. Your help will be greatly appreciated.


    Ravindran (Phone 9003931340)

  7. திருவையாறில் கொள்ளையடிக்கப்பட்ட | 25 லட்சம் சாமி சிலைகள் மீட்பு; 2 பேர் கைது

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    சென்னை, ஆக. 20: திருவையாறு தில்லைஸ்தானம் கோயிலில் கொள்ளையடிக்கப்பட்ட | 25 லட்சம் மதிப்புள்ள 4 ஐம்பொன் சிலைகளை பொருளாதாரக் குற்றப்பிரிவு போலீஸôர் மீட்டனர். மேலும் இது தொடர்பாக 2 பேரை போலீஸôர் கைது செய்தனர்.

    தமிழகத்தில் உள்ள கோயில்களில் புராதன சாமி சிலைகள் திருடு போவதைத் தடுக்க, தனிப் படை அமைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.

    இந்த தனிப்படைக்கு கிடைத்த ரகசிய தகவலின் பேரில் இன்ஸ்பெக்டர் காதர் பாட்ஷா உள்ளிட்ட போலீஸôர் சென்னை மெரீனா கடற்கரைப் பகுதியில் வியாழக்கிழமை தீவிர ரோந்து பணியில் ஈடுபட்டனர். அப்போது உழைப்பாளர் சிலை அருகே சந்தேகப்படும்படியாக இருவர் நின்று கொண்டிருந்தனர்.

    அவர்கள் கையில் வைத்திருந்த பையை சோதனை செய்தனர். அதில் சுமார் 1 அடி உயரமுள்ள பிரதோஷ அம்மன் உலோக சிலை இருந்தது.

    இதைத் தொடர்ந்து அவர்களிடம் நடத்திய தீவிர விசாரணையில் திருச்சி மாவட்டம் லால்குடி, காட்டுர் பகுதியைச் சேர்ந்த ஆல்பர்ட் மகன் ஜஸ்டின் (37) மற்றும் அரியலூர் மாவட்டம் குலமாணிக்கத்தைச் சேர்ந்த இருதயராஜ் மகன் ஆல்ரின் பிரபு (23) என்பது தெரியவந்தது.

    இவர்கள் பிரதோஷ அம்மன் சிலையுடன் நடராஜர் சிலை உள்பட 7 சிலைகள் மற்றும் வெள்ளி கிரீடங்களை தஞ்சாவூர் மாவட்டம் திருவையாறு அருகிலுள்ள தில்லைஸ்தானத்தில் உள்ள கிரிதபுரீஸ்வரர் கோயிலில் இருந்து கொள்ளையடித்தது தெரியவந்தது.

    அவர்கள் கொடுத்த தகவலின் பேரில் காவிரி ஆற்றுப் படுகையில் புதைத்து வைக்கப்பட்டிருந்த நடராஜர், சிவகாமி அம்மன், சந்திரசேகரர் உள்ளிட்ட 4 ஐம்பொன் சிலைகள் மீட்கப்பட்டன.

  8. Hi.. nice to read about Thillaisthanam. Ramanan… u r always fast in giving me the latest news from those school/college days. Now the news about sivankoil sculptures. Hi Savitha… I am meenakshi, lived and studied in Ramakrishna School. U were my junior in school. Now I live in Chennai. Be in touch with me through my e mail.

    • Hello Thulasi,

      Please provide your details, so that we can recoganise you. Like your parents name. Lived in Thillai in which period etc.

      Hi, Meena

      Understand that now u r in Abudhabi. When u r comming back.

      Hi. Balaji,

      Please provide your introduction.

    • Yes Thulasi.

      I am the brother of Vichu,Ragi & Chikku.

      Chikku is at B’Lore. Vichu & Ragi are at Trichy.

      I am in New delhi.

      I know your Mother, Father & Mr. Sampath Family.

      I am the Class mate of Mr. Kumar, who is no more, who is your Preriyamma Ms. Saroja’s Son.

      All the best.

      My id

  9. Hi Mr.ramanan really sorry you don’t know me .I think your in agragaram but I am not in agragaram .my school and college studies in trichy only. Monthly once I came to thillaistanam for seeing my uncle family. Now I am working in dcpl software trichy.My e-mail id

  10. Dear Balaji,
    Good work.
    I am from Thiruvaiyaru. Studied at SRHS and passedout in 1957 march. In our class we had few coming from Thillaisthanam.-TS VARADARAJAN, TS RAMAN, R.GOPALARATNAM . Can you give me their wherabouts?
    I have started a facebook SRHS THIRUVAIYARU OLD BOYS.
    Please add your comments/messages
    Cricketer Sampath was from Thillaisthanam
    Son of R.Ramanatha Iyer Retd Headmaster, SRHS

    • Hello Mr. Chandru,

      You can get information about your friends from the following details:-

      1. R. Gopalaratnam – C.R. Janaka- His Sister- No. 09380107722 or C R Jaya – His Sister- 044-24997983

      2. T.S. Raman – G.Ramesh- His Brother’s Son.09242940884 –

      3. Sampath – – T N – Murali – His Friend – 04362-260299

      Inform mr. varadharajan’s father name. I could not recoganise him.

      I also studied in SRHS. Pasedout in 1972.

      I know Mr. Ramanatha Iyer. But when I was studied Mr. Rajagopal rao was the Head Master.

  11. Hi all,
    I am Bharath, brother of G Ramesh (who finds a mention in Ramanan’s posting). When I was googling to collect some random info, I chanced to land here and it’s realy great to connect with you all. Since I was more of a vacation visitor to Thillai during my half-drawer days, I don’t expect to be known, though Vichu (ramanan’s brother) and some of his his contemporaries like Raja could probably recall the times we had on some thinnais.
    Thanks Balaji, for the wonderful work.

    • Hello Bharath,

      It is nice to see your mail. On 19/11/10 (Last friday) I met Mr. Ramesh at New Delhi after 15-18 years. We had discussed lot about Thillaisthanam ( Our Old Memories) ( Malarum Ninaivuhal)and including your whole family.

      I am in touch with Mr. Ramesh, Sriram and your Babu Attathai till she was in Thillaisthanam ( Upto 2007).

      whenever you come to Delhi please visit our Home.


  12. thanks Ramanan, for fondly remembering us all and for your warm gesture. i think recalling the good ol’ memories in itself a cherishable experience.
    sriram stays close to my place in w. mambalam in chennai and i was talking to him about finding this site.
    are you visiting thillai during thyagaraja utsav?

    • Hello Bharath,

      Thanks for your mail.

      I am not visiting Thillaisthanam during Thyagraj Utsavam but in Apr-May-11 I will visit during Summer Holidays of my daughter.

      Some where in 2002-2004 when I was in Nigeria, I had a talk with Narasim over phone, when he had a visit to Nigeria.

      Sriram attended My Brother Ragi’s wedding in “PANCHAKACHAM”. He was the Odd Man out. Every one staring at him. It was Nice.

      In 1972 when I came out from my school at Thiruvaiyaru after completion of My SSLC Maths Paper, Your Dad carried me in his Hearld Car to Thillaisthanam and he was asking how much marks I will get in Maths. I told Definitely I will get 98 out of 100. He asked are you sure?. When the result come I got 98 Marks in my maths paper and I showed him during his visit to Thillai. He was surprised and told “SHABASH” to me. It was nice memory.

  13. Dear all,

    By luck I happened to see your blog. My Periappa’s son Mr.Natarajan, who retd as H.M, also known as N.C.C. vadyar, who stayed in Bavasami Agraharam. will be happy to know all of you. I was in Tanjore in my child hood studied at kalyana Sundaranar High school, a regular visitor to Sarasvathi mahal Library, stayed in Mela Veedhi, Kavi Santhu. Now I am 60. at Chennai.

    • Hello Mr. Ramachandran,

      I know Mr. NCC Natrajan very well. He personally knows my parents. He use to come to Thillaisthanam to visit Ms. Kausalya’s house. My house is quiet opposite to her house.

      In 1970 I was his student. Where is he now?

  14. dear all why u peoples not updating the information please update information this will make us we are not away from our village

  15. My grandfather and father is from this village and We never visited the village till now. We are planning to visit in next week. Especially to worship the goddness Elangovai Amman. As My dad said, the goddness Elangovai Amman is our gula theiyvam. Please let me where i can stay during my visit and how to come to this village. Also looking for your help in getting a photo of Elangovai Amman please.

    • ya mr.venkatesh . Where are you now??? From tanjore old bus stand you can get bus to thillaisthanam directly.. route numbers are 23 ,13, 5 .. else you can reach thiruvaiyaru from tanjore lot of buses are there.. thiruvaiyaru is about 16km from tanjore. thillaisthanam is about 2km from thiruvaiyaru. from thiruvaiyaru auto ll be cost of 50rs so you can hire.

      Durai raj is elangovai amman temple priest(kurukal) .his contact number is 9345255080 .

      • Wonderful sir. I am from Chennai. Will be travelling in my car.. Will connect with Prist and take it forward. Thank you very much for your support.

        Keep in touch.

        Kg Venkatesh

    • Hello Venkatesh,

      It is nice to hear from you. What is your Grandfather & Father’s name. In which period they lived in Thillaisthanam. I am Ramanan from Thillaisthanam. I continuously lived there till 1980 but till I am in touch with Thillaisthanam. Till now our house is there. If you want to stay one or two days you can stay in our house (You have to sleep on the “Pai” on the floor only. No cot is available).. One Meenakshi mami is preparing food on order basis or you can have in reasonable hotel in Thiruvaiyaru. Right now I am living in New Delhi. My phone No.09711919001. If any more assistance you can contact me.


      Goddess Elangovai Amman Temple
      History of the Temple :-
      Once, Sri Bhagavathi Amman of Kerala wants to have a temple near the Holy river of Cauvery. So, she ordered people through a village shepherd to pack her idol in a palm leaf box and let that into the Holy river of Cauvery. As per the instruction they let the box into the Cauvery, it travelled all the way to the Holy place of Thillaisthanam along with retinue (ie., Malayala Karuppu, Madurai Veeran and others). Mean time a Brahmin couples (pregnant lady and her husband) were crossing the way through Thillaisthanam, they took rest near cauvery because of tiredness. Mean while a voice from heaven (Asareeree) came and instructed to that man to take the palm leaf box from Cauvery river and to place it besides the Alli Kulam (Lilli Pond) near the river, if he do so, his wife will deliver a male baby in a easy manner. As per the instruction he placed the idol near alli kulam (Lilli pond) and he came back to river to take care of his wife, mean while her wife delivered a male child and she said a small girl came and helped her to deliver a baby. Suddenly a young girl gave a dharshan with soolam to that couple and blessed them. Then they established separate Temple with that Statue.From that day The Goddess Elangovai Amman is wary( guardianship) for our entire village(Thillaisthanam).

  16. Last Week 25-03-2012(Sunday) the grand function of 100th birthday celebration of Mr.Veeraraghavachariar(The Founder of the School) and Swami Vivekanada 150th birthday were celebrated by the School Alumni .People who are all in good position today came there and were speaking the experience had in the school days and appreciated Veeru sir for his selfless service for the village in the year between 1920′s to 1960′s. Their speeches were really touched. This function is completely took over by alumni.

    The touching part in that function was that they had given memento to all the direct heirs and family of Veeru sir.

    The function was ended by the Great upanyaasam of the leading celebrity Mrs. Saraswathi Ramanathan on Seetha Kalyanam . Last week Our Village was in full of celebration mood.

  17. Dear Balaji,

    You live in our village? if i come over there, will i be able to meet you.
    My contact number is 9962516516. Do keep in touch with me please

    Kg venkatesh

    • No Mr.venkatesh. Now I’m working in chennai . I use to go every month. my parents and relatives are there.. My mobile number is 9965623282 .
      I ll try to get Amman photo from my native people.

    • I ll try to get Amman photo from my native people. and i ll send in mail. but photo ppl have in village is not real amman statue . thats was just drawn photo.. no one took photo as far as my knowledge .

  18. Dear All


    I visited this village first time in my life and Proud to be thillaisthanamate. We visited the Perumal temple and Elangovai amman temple on that day. It was a very wonderful experience. My father was born and lived in No 19 Agraharam. My grandfather name is Krishnaswamy (the people call him Dr/Compounder). The house was sold during the 60’s for financial needs by my father. After visiting the temple and seeing the village, would like to buy a house at Agrahram (which also my parents wish during this visit). If any one knows on this please share me the details to proceed.

    A special thanks to Balaji and SV Ramanan sir for guiding me this trip.

    Thanks & Regards
    KG Venkatesh

  19. hello Ramanan
    I could visit this page only now. Nice to see your postings and it really takes me to our days there. I told Mr.Balaji that i will post some of our old photographs.
    with lov Ramesh

    • Hi Ramesh,

      You are welcome to this Blog. In the last year your Brother was in touch in this Blog. Sabthusthanam went on well on 05/05/201. Understand that Mr. Suri donated rs. 1.00 Lac to renovate the ” Thillaisthanam Pallaku”. Our Pallaku was glittering of all the 7 Pallaku’s.

      • ramamurthy ravindran
        2:48 PM (0 minutes ago)

        to Balaji’s

        Hi All

        Please note that it is not sabthasthanam and it should be sapthasthanam (meaning seven places indicating 7 temples) Please correct in future references.


      • Dear Mr.Ravindran,

        Sabthasthanam meaning is seven places, which is right, But the word Sabtha arrived from the Sanskrit word “SABDAMI”.. You know Panchami (5th Thithi), Shasti (6th Thithi), Sabdhami(7th Thithi), Astami (8th Thithi) Navami (9th Thithi) and Dasami (10th Thithi) of Lunar system, Hence it is Sabtasthanam only and not “Sapthasthanam” . Thankyou

  20. Dear Thillaisthanam Mate,

    I am S V Ramanan presently from New Delhi and native of 6/23, Agrharam, Thillaisthanam, would like to share about “Navagrah Prathistai” at Sivan Koil of Thillaisthanam.

    In 1976 “Sri Sat Sangam” formed. The details of the Governing Body is as under. Mr. Easwara Murthy- Chairman. Mr. T.N. Suriya Narayanan (Prem)-President. Mr. S. Chandra Shekar- Vice President, Mr. S.V.Ramanan- General Secretary & Treasurer. Members: S. Raja Gopalan (Kumar), Mr. T.N. Srinivasan, Mr. T.N.Muralidharan, Mr. N. Krishnan, Mr. N. Raman, Mr. C.R. Rengarajan, Mr. T.V. Chellapa, Mr. G.Ramesh, Mr.M. Srinivasan.

    The Prathistai held on 22-05-1977 and the Mandalabishekam held on 07-07-77.

    Mr. T.S.S Rajan helped to get the Navgraha Idols at Chennai. My self and Mr. S. Rajagopalan (HM Kumar) went to Chennai and transported to Thillaisthanam by Cholan Express in 1976.

    Myself along with all the members visited near by villages by by-cycle to collect donation every week end while we are doing our graduation. Those days we use to collect from 25 Paise to maximum Rs.100.00 from the devotees. With those collection we have able to finish the “Navgraha Prathistai”.

    The 35 the anniversary of the “Navagraha Prathistai” day going to be celebrated on 22/05/2012 (Tuesday) with usual Abhishekam followed by Prasadam,

    All the devotees are cardinally invited for the “Navgraha Prathistai Day”.

  21. Special Info : By the Grace of Srinivasa Perumal there is a proposal of Consecrated(Kumbabishegam) for our Temple on Dated 31st May 2012. Welcome You All to get the Shower of Blessings from the Lord Srinivasa Perumal.

  22. Dear All! I am Sambasivam (Known as PATTAPPA). I landed in this page only today, when I was searching for my another friend whose name is also Balaji (6 fingers Balaji – Brother of Sama & Venguttu). Very Happy for having landed in this page. Mr Balaji, I know all your family members and in particular you can very well refer me to Venkatesh. Mr Ramanan, voiced here as usual. I am keeping in touch with Ragi. I am also an Old Student of Sir Ramakrishna Middle School & Sri Srinivasa Rao HSS. In fact, after landing at this page, I do not want to leave from here. I don’t know the reason. Any way, Thanks Balaji for your good work. I shall frequently visit this and get my self updated with the happenings of Thillaisthanam.

  23. A small thing about “Sapthasthanam”. Actually, It is not connected with the “Marriage of Ayyarappar”. It is connected with the marriage of “Nandhikeswarar”. Nandhikeswarar’s jananam (Birth) takes place in “Andhana Kurichi” village (loacted near Thiruvaiyaru – Vadakku Veethi). Next day Nandhikeswarar’s marriage is getting celebrated in Thirumazhapadi. In sapthasthanam festival day, Ayyarappar takes Nandhikeswara to the other 6 places.

  24. last Ammavasai (April – First time in my life to this village) and this ammavasai (May) i was in Thillaisthanam to worship Illangovai amman and Perumal. The image of the gods is still in my eyes and making me to come back to the village. Unfortable vilage and Praying the god to call me back to village more number of times. Pattachariyar of perumal temple Shri. Vedanarayanan and Gurukkal of Illaingovai ammal Shri. Durairaj were very helpful and done the pooja for us very well. My grandfather and father lived in the agraharam (Door No 19). My GrandfatherShri. Krishnaswamy was called as ” Doctor/Compounder” in this village. I am willing to buy a piece of land in my beloved native and make my parents to stay there. This is also an wish expressed by my parents. Any one who can help is most welcome please.

    • Hi Venkatesh, In 1960’s My periyama lived in your house for some time. I think your Father’s nick name is “Gochu” (my cousin brother told). My periyamma’s son Ganesan,Raman and Gopal S/o. T.V.Vaidiyanath Iyer are the friend of your dad. One Mr. Prem (SMT) is also known to your father. Mr. Prem is living in Chennai and Mr. Gopal is living in B’lore. I have seen one Mango tree planted by your family. (Kili Muku Mango tree). During 70 that house bought by One. Govindarajan (Post man of Raja Serfoji College). He lived some time and thereafter he demolished one portion of the house and sold the beam and bricks. This is for your kind information.

  25. Sir, You are right . My Father name is Govardhanan ( Nick name- Gothu). I will tell all your cousins name to my dad. Thanks

  26. Dear Ramanan
    I got to revisit the Blog only now. Thank you for the response. I will try to invite Gopal and other friend to join.

    • Dear Thillaisthanammates,
      I would like to share some of our village pesonalities, in the present and in the recent past (about 50 years ago from now) who are dedicated themselves for the fame and the developements of our village, which I have heard and come accrosed. If any ommission and correction please update the same. So that future generation of Thillaisthanam have knowledge/history of our village personalities.

      Name Address Contribution
      Sri Rama Iyyengar Agraharam Direct Disciple of St. Tyagarajar
      Smt. Revathi Krishna Great Grand Daughter of Rama Iyyengar
      Sri. T.R. Nataraja Iyer (SMT)/
      Sri. Chellaiya Servai 5/72 Thillaisthanam Organised Sivan Kovil Kumbabisekam in 1959
      Sri. China Durai Iyyengar 6/54, Agraharam Freedom Fighter
      Sri. T.S.Raju 6/63, Agraharam EX-serviceman & Story writer
      Sri. Sambasiva Iyer 6/64, Agraharam Freedom Fighter
      Sri. Panju Bhagawather 6/69, Agraharam Disciple of Rama Iyyengar
      Smt. Kamkshi Ammal 6/77, Agraharam Creator of Nandavanam at Sivn Koil. Did flower sevai to Kovil.
      Sri. N.Ramachandran 6/78, Agraharam Associated with Films Australia for the documentary film of Thillaisthanam
      Dr. R.Kausalya 6/78, Agraharam Ex-Principal of Raja’s College and Founder of Marabu Foundation. Veena Sironmani
      Smt. Radha Mami 6/81, Agraharam Organizer of Slogas Team at Sivan Kovil and flower sevai.
      Sri. P.A.Venkatraman (Banu) 6/97, Agraharam Many renovation work done at Sivan Koil. Constructed of Nandi Mandabam, New Utsava Murthy Made and Pallaku renovated.
      Sri. V.Suriyanarayanan 6/3, Agraharam Renovated Sivan Kovil Pallaku (2012)
      Sri. Veera Ragava Chariyar 6/5, Agraharam Founder of Sri Ramakrishna School (1925)
      Sri. T.R.Renga Chariyar 6/13, Agraharam Initiator of Perumal Kovil Margzhi Bajanai.
      Sri. T.S.Sundara Chariyar 6/18, Agraharam Studied Dharka Sasthram in those days.
      Sri. S.V.Ramanan 6/23, Agraharam Initiator of Navagraha Prathistai in the Sivan Kovil (1977)
      Sri.T.S.Suriya Narayanan 6/33, Agraharam Mirudhanga Vidwan
      Sri. Thirumala Chariyar 6/35, Agraharam Vishnu Sahsranamam & Sloka Class convenor.
      Sri. Rajagopla Sasthri 6/41, Agraharam initiator of Bhramothsavam at Sivan Kovil
      Sri. T.R.Srinivas Iyengar 6/46, Agraharam Initiator of Sakarath Azhwar Prathistai at Perumal Kovil.
      Sri. T.N.Muralidharan 5/72, Odakara Street Organised Sivan Kovil Kumbabhisekam (2000)
      Sri. Kunju Pillai Odakara Street Freedom Fighter
      Sri. Manikam (China) Perumbuliyur Road Freedom Fighter

      • THiruvayarukku merkala oru mayilu ponaakka
        Vandhurumnga nammoru nenjula eeramum oorumunga

        Kaverikku vadakkala edadhupakkam SKPT
        Thellu thanniya thandinakka Veeru sarin koodamunga

        Veerusarin dhayavudhanga Rama Krishna pallinga
        Pavala aandu kadidichu pala pavalam kanumunga

        Veetukkoru ennarai tholaipesium vandhduchchu
        Kebul TV kalaraha ella veettayum kalakkudhnga

        Midhivandi kuranju poii vudhai vandi nirenjirukku
        Idhaiellam pakka enkku manasellam neranjirukku

        Padippukaha pasanga ellam bus eri poranga
        Pasumaattu paalukkippo panjamindru illinga

        Kamatchi Andal dairikku potti dairy vandhachu
        Vellapuratchi payanala paalu aara odudhunga

        Koilellam seshichchurukku poosaharum thdichchurukku
        Sankaranthan dhinamum vandhu sankar seva seiyaran

        Karuppana akkaki palaniraththil minnura
        Seenuvum Alamelum amakkalamai irukkanga

        Seetu kattu kacherikku kai niraya irukkudhunga – aana
        Veththu seettu illama commerciala aaiduchchu

        Kotta sarakku koranjalum kala mala endrilla
        Pachcha thanni illenalum pachchkadi sarakku aatuthunga

        Kuttichevara aavaradha ketka aalum illinga
        Varusam kalinju thirumbinakka ketpadhu – andha aal ille

        Voora vittu oodipona oru payalum thirumbala
        Vazi illa onnurendu poha – vazi kettu thirumbirukku


        SKPTya vangi adhai swimmingpoola maathanum
        Chinnanchiru pasangalukku muraya neechal payirkonum

        To be cotnd…..Chhinni

  27. Dear Mr Balaji, How the Samprokshanam of Shri Srinivasa Perumal Temple went off on 31st May? Can you post some photos about this?

  28. Hello i am ragi,Ramanan brother Today only i have seen this sight .Now i am residing in Trichy working in HAPP.This sight is very useful and enjoyable.keep on touch with me .MR balaji today i met your father at thillai.MY phone no is 9443751512

    • Hello Sengamalam,

      Inform about your relatives in Thillaisthanam, who are living as on date or lived, with name of of your Dad, or Grandpa

  29. Hello Mr. Balaji,
    I am extremely happy for finding one gem of a person’s address from ur blog, i.e., Major T.S. Raju. His writings, though were very limited, are class apart. Above that his thorough and in-depth knowledge about the science of Homeopathy and the service rendered by him towards the needy are worth to mention here. Blessed are those who could have learned from him.

    • sir.. Our country has lots of hidden genius he was one among them. unfortunately he was in bed for long days till his death .
      i was a school boy when he was rocking the homeopathy field sine we were in the same street… i was watching daily lots of people used to come early in the morning and been come from long distance .. If you have any experience with him or in his article. kindly let me know i ll straight away share in my blog with pleasure. . thanks..

      • Balaji thanks for ur reply. Am saddened to know that Major T.S. Raju is no more. Am sure he will surely be in the abodes of the Heavens. I have never met him in person in my lifetime. But have realized his personality through his writings. His medical books were published by Bahola Homeo Kumbakonam. I could not find any of his writings online till now. I’ll sure update in the near future.

      • Oh you never met him ??yes Sir he was very punctual and sincere man as he was a Army man. Also very straight forward person.
        It would be really great if his books come to net so that infinite number of people will get to know about his medical books in turn they ll be benefited .

      • Dear Balaji Thank you very much. Because of the Blog I had the fortune of meeting Mr S V Ramanan during my visit to India. Ramanan has a razor sharp memory and he is younger to me by 17 odd years but he knows all the teachers under whom I studied and some of my classmates from Thillaisthanam. My suggestion is that people who respond to this Blog should give their phone number and e mail i.d. This will facilitate coming closer to each other and the missing links can be filled(?) Jalpesan Toronto e mail: Phone 001 647 854 49 75.

        Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2013 17:31:57 +0000 To:

  30. Though ‘am not from Thillaisthanam, and my native is Dindigul, when I was referring some medical journal by Major T.S. Raju, thought of searching the net to find his current status where I landed in ur blog.

  31. Hi Thillai friends, My name is Sriram K (Sai Brother) , I Proud to say the blog is very effective . I use to Meet Srini(Currently working in SRHS Physical Education Dept). we use disucss on friends Venkatraman.C(chennai),Venkatesh(School teacher) and others.we had very good cricket friends from Thillaisthanam.

  32. Obeisance to Venerable Elders and love to youngsters of Thillaisthanam.

    My name is Muralidharan and I was fortunate enough to be born in this village as a grandson of Shri. Srinivasa Varadhan Iyengar of this village. My patti’s name is Smt. Madhuravalli. My mother’s maiden name is Smt. Alamelu and my father (late) Shri Devanathan. My father belong to Innambur, a small village near Kumbakonam and he retired from Indian Air Force . As told by my mother, my grandfather was a Commercial Tax Officer, retired and settled in Thillasthanam in 1950-60s. He was a devote Iyengar, who never skipped araadhana of his Lord, even when he was indisposed. His love for us was deluge. I remember having visited his home in 60s and while playing hide and seek inside the house, he redirected us so that we (unknowingly) do pradakshanam (circumambulation) of Perumal and Saligramam kept in the kalyanamandapam of the house! I last visited Thillaisthanam in 1968 (?) when my grandfather attained His Thiruvadi. My mother now lives with my family in Nanganallur (Chennai) and I work in Saudi Arabia. I am planning to take my mother here and while googling for the route, I chanced upon this blog of Shri Balaji. My mother (now 83) still would like to see her native and people of her time that this village may hold, and provide for her sweet memories. Thanks, Shri Balaji, for helping us to remember our birth place, the beatiful village like Thillaisthanam. We shall be blessed to be there and receive the blessing of our Lords – Srinivasa Perumal and Shri Lakshmi Nrasimha. We plan our visit in November 13.

    My skype id is: isdmurali and mail is: for any contacts.


    • Sir ,

      Its always wonderful and exiting thing when we think about our native place . Happy to see your post that you remembered lot of things which were happened
      nearly 4 decades back.Im blessed to see such comments from the senior persons like you in my blog.

      You are always welcome to our place!!
      Have a wonderful trip ..

    • Dear Mr. Muralidharan,
      Nice to connect Thillaisthanm Circle. I have seen your Grand Father Mr. Srinivas Iyengar and your Grand Mother in my childhood.. At the time he use to be identified by the Thillaisthanm People as ACTO Mama. He lived in the House Door No.6/55 Agraharam.. Still the house look like the same. The house purchased by One Mr. Ramaiyen and let out to Mrs. Kamalasanthanam & Mr. Santhanam, who are living there as on date.He is one of the main person during the Perumal Kovil’s all the Utshavam.

      In which place in Saudhi you are living. My Sister and Brother-in-Law are living in KOBAR-Saudi.

      My name is S V Ramanan and I am living in New Delhi as on date. My Mob No. 91-9711919001

  33. thanks balaji for nice blog. I am also thillaisthanamate but never visited the place. Good to see all the information together. I stay in Kuwait.

  34. Hi Balaji,
    Thanks for your good work. Pls keep it up.
    I’m from Bawaswamy Agraharam was living later at Northmadavilakam, Thiruvaiyaru, Grand son of Vakil gumastha Mani Aiyer. I was studying at SRHS from1973 to 1977.
    Now I’m in Cochin, Kerala.My brother’s nams is Balu, hi is in Muscat.

    • Dear Swaminathan
      If I am correct your father’s name is Kuppu (swamy) and your atthai’s are Savithri and Maduram.
      I am also of Thiruvaiyaru my mother’s mamajis were Nagaraja Iyer
      and Appunu (Vanchinathan). We were in 113 North Main st.
      I am in Toronto my e mail is
      With best wishes

  35. Dear Sir,

    My grandfather Mr. Krishnaswamy iyengar used to stay at Thillaisthanam along with my grandmother Mrs sundaravalli- during the late 50’s to 60’s. Cn any one let me know if you know them during those days.

    Regards Vinay

    • Hi Vinay,

      I heard that One. Mr. Krishnaswamy lived in the agraharam.(Door No. 6/19 Agraharam) One of his son’s name is Govardhanan ( Nick name- Gothu).. What is your father’s name? so that I can share the things which I heard.. Thanks

  36. Hi all,
    My name is Madhu Sudhanan. I am a native of Thillaisthanam. My grand father used to live there. His name is Narasimhan. But he is better known as thillaisthanam thambi. They used to live in the agaraharam. Thillaisthanam Ramaiyyangar was the prime disciple of Sri Thyagarajaswami, thiruvaiyaru. Our house was recognised as the sangeetha vidwan’s house. We are related to durai raj iyengar and our house was next to his house. I am still in search of my ancestral lineage. Any help in that regard would definitely be welcomed.
    My mail I’d is
    I live in west mambalam, chennai.
    My contact number is 9840014489.

    Though i am not much aware about the relatives and relationships in thillaisthanam, my dad would be able to connect.

    We want to return back to thillaisthanam. Kindly help.

    Thanks and regards,
    Madhu Sudhanan.B

  37. Pranaams !

    I am SRINIVASARAGHAVAN, son of Umayalpuram Sri R.SIVARAMA SASTHRIGAL, who was an exponent in Srimadh Ramayanam & Srimadh Bhagavatham. He used to give discourses at SRINIVASA PERUMAL TEMPLE at Thillasthanam, every year, till 1970s.
    Sri Rangu Iyengar, Sri Veeraraghava Iyengar, Sri Dhurairaja Iyengar, Sri Srinivasa Iyengar , Sri Sundararaja Iyangar , SMT Nataraja Iyer, Sri Ambi Iyer are some great persons, who used to interact with my father.
    I am named after “SRINIVASA” perumal, as my father made a Prarthana, for a Male Santhathi.
    Sri Srinivasa Iyengar (Thillaisthanam) has offered ‘ONE PAISA’ in the HUNDI, on behalf of my father,
    during 1956. I was born during 1957.

    We were residing at 52, North Street, Thiruvaiyaru, till 1977.

    Smt Kausalya was the music/veena teacher for my sister – Tanjore Mythili Kannan.

    I am living at Chrompet, Chennai – at present.

    Will be happy, if I can settle down near the feet of Perumal, in the evening of my life.

    Dear Sri Balaji ! Kindly convey my Friendly Enquiries to Srinivasa Perumal as well as Gruthapureeswarar !


    • Sir. Happy to see such a soulful respects on our village and temples.. by the way im the grandson of veeraragavachariar whom u mentioned in ur comments.
      Always Welcome to our village to get the blessings..

      • Seeing your response on my Janma Nakshthram seems to be a Blessing from Sreenivaada Perumal Himself. Romba Santhosham.

    • Dear Mr. Srinivasa Ragavan,

      I am S V Ramanan of Thillaisthanam and living presently at New Delhi. I was in Thillaisthanam till 1980. I have listened your father’s upanyasam many time. I remember some time you use to come with your father. You use to have long hair (Kudumi) (Front Kavatai) and Kadukan in your ears. I think you have some scar on your face.

      Your father having very good personality and having hair in his full arm (both). Below wrist he use to shave, looking as if as he is wearing Hair coat. During the upanyasam when he would like to drink milk or water he use to cover his face with his angavasthiram on the stage,

      The way he is use to perform Upanyasam is marvelous. Every audience will become part of the subject.

      My brother is living in Vivekananda Street, Radha Nagar, Crompet. Let me know your address. In my next trip, when I visit Crompet I will meet you.

      S V Ramanan

  38. I would like to address the Srinivasa Perumal Temple Admin and any old Thillasthanam Alumini,

    I am Srinivasa Gopalan original name Thillasthanam Parthasarathy Chandru. My father Parthasarathy Iyengar ( mother Ambujavalli) is from Thillasthanam born in 1910 to Mr Soundaraja Iyengar ( wife Komalavalli) a Magistrate during british Raj time. His father may grand father was Krishnaswamy Iyengar and his wife Kodhai.
    late 1800’s based in the same village.

    I would like to get the contact details of the Srinivasa Perumal Temple. My brother visited the temple on 31st of Nov 2014 and I am blessed with a nice photograph of Srinivasa Perumal.

    Srinivasa Gopalan

    • Hello sir,
      You have very very long relationship with our village.
      Happy for you to reach this blog.
      To reach anything regarding Srinivasa Perumal Temple contact Mr.T V Renganathan(Sampath) who is the manager of the school as well in +91 90 43 432737 or his son Mr.Venkatesh in his mobile number +9199 65 602302 or landline number 04362 260324.They are the one who managing the temple activities.

  39. Dear Shri Balajee I am happy to see your Blog regarding Thillasthnam. I am Arunachalam, son of Late Shri Narasimha Aiyer, elder brother of late Shri Sambasivan, father of Late Maj T. S.Raju and T.S.Ramachandran (Chandru). Maj Raju retired from Army and was living in Thillasthanam and his family is still there in Agraharam, Chandru lives in Bhopal. We are related to Late Shri Nataraja Iyer family and I am in touch with all his sons Shri Sakthi, Gemini, Prem, Chinni,Babu, Murali and all his daughters family. I was living in Thillasthanam in the Agraharam in 1950 when I was studying in Srinivasa Rao High school in Thiruvaiyaru. Now I am in Delhi living there from 1952 onwards. Wishing the blog all the best. Arunachalam

    • Dear Shri Arunachallam,

      Nice to see your comments. I know pretty well your brother Mr. Sambasiva Iyer and his wife Papa Mami, Also knows isues of Mr. Shamba Shiva Iyer, Mr. Raju, Chandru, Lalitha, and one daugher (got Married a Chrisatian Selvaraj in those days), Saroja/ W/o Shri. LIC Swaminatha Iyer, Your brother is a Tyagi. He used to hoist National Flag on Independence day & Republic day in front of his house. Mr. Raju’s son Ragu and his daughter are living in the Agraharam. I am S V Ramanan living in Vikaspuri – New Delhi since 1986. If chances come will meet.Understand that Ms. Saroja is living in some Old age home in Chennai. Only Murali S/o of Natraj Iyer living in Thillaisthanam.. Remaining are living in various places.

  40. Hello…Balajee,

    First of all, hats off to you for this work. I came to know of few important details about my own native through this blog. This is Naren, Prem mama’s son,currently living in Bangalore.

    It was nice to read Ramanan mama and others’ replies. Very inspiring to see River Cauvery full of water. Though our diaspora is spread out, our heart remains with this ancient hamlet. Nothing connects us better than Thillaisthanam. Very disheartening to read that the kovil murthies are getting stolen. We need to stay vigil and ensure our culture and ancestry is not stolen and sold off in Italy!!

    Every cricket match we see, every Thiagaraja utsavam we see in TV, not to mention every Parotta we munch, reminds us of our days at Thillaisthanam.

    Regars to Nats, Balchi, Venkatesh, T.Gnanam and others who are there.

    • Hi Anna,

      I remember and I had seen you couple of time when you were in Murali mama home for your US vacations.
      You are using our place name as last name in FB also. Tats great and to be followed from you.
      Myself and Mr.Ravikumar Who was working with you in Photon Chennai spoke about you an year back in TCS chennai.
      Thanks for your comments.

  41. Dear All Thillaistham Mates,
    Last week I had been to Thillaisthanam. I felt very happy to See the Thillaisthanam developing very fast.

    Two new streets have come near Bangla Murali’s house. Understand one Petrol Pump is going to come up in the Chatrappa’s Land opposite to Brahmin’s “Mayanam”.

    The whole agraharam have full street light. Thanks to Seenu (Banu’ vadyar’s brother who is the agraharama’s ward member).

    All mayanams are covered with compound wall. The Old Kona Palam have became NEER Palam Now.

    Karthigai Somavaram celebrated in Sivan Kovil with 108 Sangabishekam. Great. Kaisiga Ekathasi Utsavam celebrated in perumal kovil by Shri. Sampath,

    On Kathigai Somavaram when I was in the Sivan kovil along with my brother Ragi, One family came from Thirupur and do the Nei Abhishekam. When I asked them how come they are in Thillaisthanam, they told that one Radhakrishna Swamigal at Thirupur advised him to do the Nei Abhishekam at Thillaisthanm on Karthigai Somavaram. Means Thillaithanam is familiarizing automatically to the whole world without any advertisement

    One Ganabadigal living in the Agraharam, is doing Veda parayanam in Perumal Kovil appointed by Thirupathi Devasthanam. One more Sasthrigal migrated From New Delhi to Thillaisthanam. Daily he is bringing Carvery water in the evening for the abhishekam of Lord Neyyadiappar. Great service.

    My friend Kumar’s father Mr. Sehadrhi – Ex Head master fall sick. Kindly pray for his speedy recovery.

    On entering Agraharm you can see the Roof Garden House. Once the house was holding Sahsranamam class in the evening by Thirumala chariar. Since the owner of the house are away from Thillaisthanam,now it become lot of trees on the Thinnai of the house.

    Seetu Kacheri is going on from Monday to Friday 1.00 Pm to 5.00 Pm at Chellapa Sirs House.

    Visu providing Break fast, Lunch and dinner on Order basis.

    Many people would like to live in Thillaisthanam but no house is available for sale.

    Be happy as a Thillaisthani.

  42. Hi Ramanan,

    I am Thiygau, I am very much excited seeing the update about our native place. After long time we are communicated through our blog.

    • Hello Thiygau,

      Nice to receive your mail. I hope you are in Touch with Chikku. How is u r Mummy Ms. Mangalam.
      Where are you Now. I am in New Delhi. God Bless you all.

  43. Hi Ramanan,

    Yes, I am keeping touch with Chikku over the phone.My mother is in Mumbai with My Brothers and I am in Chennai. How is your family Members. Convey My advance Christmas and New Wishes.
    Provide me your Mobile , we can contact through Whatapps by our Thillai Guys Group.

  44. It is NOT SABHDA. It is SAPTHA. Saptha means seven. SABDHA means sound. Please do not massacre sanskrit words.

  45. Dear Mr. Sridharan,

    I appreciate your literacy in Sanskrit.According to Bernatsha who is the authority of English, the language means one who want to convey something to other person.. If the other person understand the thing what the person want to convey,the purpose of language is over. He himself told for example if a man want to go to charring Cross in London, it is no necessary to ask “which is the way to go to Charring Cross?” just if he ask “Which way-Charring Cross” the other person will understand and show the way. Means the purpose is solved and the language is over.

    Likewise if it is “Sapthasthanam” or “Sabthasthanam” if the people understand what it means then there is no harm. If you visit all the seven places of the Sapthasthanam celebrating villages and if you ask the people what is the function is going on during the festival time all will say as “Sabthasthanam” only. Coz they are not Sanskrit scholar like you.

    Being you are Sanskrit scholar , I appreciate if you want to correct the word by proper pronunciation , you should convey in a polite manner and you should not have used the harsh word “massacre” which meant “Group Killing/ padu kolai”. Teacher is a humble person and doing noble job.

    • Well said.Simple, we are all well educated. If a mistake is not politely corrected with good feedback, then suppression sets in removing any free conversation.We have already lost a lot to the new generation.
      Where is love and passion of teaching?

  46. Dear Sri Ramanan & Sri Sridharan,

    I could appreciate Mr Rananan’s point that the feed back/correction by Sridharanji, could have been polite. No second thought about it.

    But………. let me also put forth my humble views about language,

    Language is just to make one’s thoughts reach the other/audience – Absolutely Right.

    During Sapthasthaanam Uthsavam itself, most people may call it as “SABDHASTHAANAM
    which is also very true – but this doesn’t justify the correctness of pronunciation, which Mr Sridharan tried to highlight.

    But….. let us try to improve ourselves – at least amongst Learned/Learning people.

    “Bernatsha” used the reference, for a simple language (sometimes, with lesser grammer)
    for some practical purpose. But he couldn’t have advocated to call “Charring Cross” as “Jarring Cross” or “Charring Gross”/

    As I could feel Sri Ramanji is a polite person, I request him not to get hurt by the word “masscare”, eventhough it obviously sound harsh.

    We , especially Bramins should take care of Samskrutham usage in improvised ways
    by means of continuous & continual learning process.

    I think that it is our basic duty to correct such mis-pronunciations, wherever possible/
    One more example :- Most of the people , including famous actors, used to call the sons of Dhrudharaashtra, as “GOURAVARGAL”, while they should actually be called as “KOURAVARGAL”

    But let us execute the same, with utmost care & diplomacy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kindly excuse me if any of my (in experienced) wordings sounds like hurting you.

    With All Affection & Pranaams


  47. Dear Mr. Srinivasaragavan,

    Nice & Polite comment. This is what we want. By the by are your the brother of Mr. Krishna Kumar? Could you brief me how you connected with Thillaisthanam? like about your Parents and their house in ThillAISTHANAM?.LIKE THE SAME i also WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT Srinivasa Gopalan and their parents? i am happy to learn about you people?

    S V Ramanan

    • Pranaams.

      Nice to have your communication.

      Let me brief about our family :-

      I am the only son of UMAYALPURAM Sri R.SIVARAMA SASTHRIGAL

      We resided at North Street – THIRUVAIYARU (Opp to Sri Viswanatha Ganapadigal’s house.

      Till seventies, my father used to do Pravachanam at Perumal Kovil (Ramayanam/Bhagavatham).

      Request you to refer my previous communication dt November,2014

      I don’t have any brothers.
      I studied at SRHS
      Graduated from National College,Trichy
      Served CARBORUNDUM UNIVERSAL LIMITED (CUMI), part of Murugappa Group,
      in Technical Wing, from 1978 to 2012.

      Got advance retirement – 3 years in advance.

      Trying to lead a peaceful life , with the help of Music &, Parayanams & Sri Ranganatha Puja.



      • Dear Shri Srinivasraghavan,


        Yes, yes, I remember your earlier communication. I have seen you some 40 to 45 years back, when you are young boy. You use to come with your father in “Thangarasu” or “Karuppiyan” bullock cart to Thillaisthanam for the Pravachanam at Thillaisthanam Perumal Kovil.

        You and your father relax for some time in “Veeru Vadhiyar’s” House before Pravachanam.

        Still the Pravachanam of your Father’s is ringing in my ears.

        During the Pravachanam your Father drink Milk in the stage by covering his face with his “Anngha Vasthiram:. Some time you use to sit on the stage and some time you sit in the Front Row.

        You use to have Long Hair”KUDUMI” with “Kadukan” on your ears.

        God Bless you.

        S V Ramanan

      • Very Happy to see your response.
        Your observations are exactly correct, except one “During the Pravachanam your Father drink Milk” – Throughout HIS Carrier, he had a vratham of not taking even a drop of water during pravachanam – No Book References on the stage – No demand on remunerations.

        (Probably, you might have seen my father, drinking milk, after the discourse )

        Thanks to have you re-introduced.



  48. Dear All,
    We are also searching for our family link in Thillaisthanam. Very nice to see this blog and trying to see whether we get any clue somewhere. My Grandfather name is Mr. Ranganatha Iyengar also called with nick name ‘Lottery Iyengar’. If anybody knows him or his brothers please do keep in touch.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Anu Srinivasan

    • Dear Mr. Anu,
      Can u inform the period he lived in Thillasiathanam and your father’s/mother’s name. I can recollect.

  49. My grandfather Mr. Ranganatha Iyengar had a brother named Parthasarathy Iyengar who used to be a forest ranger under British Raj. Their father was T.K Chari (T. Krishnamachari) who used to be a post master during British raj. The time period should be around 1915’s to 1920’s.

    • I know pretty well about all the people from 1960 to till date. I have seen one Mr. Parthasarathy who lived in Door No. 6/6, Agraharam around 1960-65. One Mr. K.Sowrirajan who is my schoolmate who is the son of Mr.Kothandaraman and the grand son of Parthasarathy.. I hope he may the same Parthasarathy. Let me find out more.

      • This is really good to know. Meanwhile I will check with my cousin sister ‘Malika’ who currently lives in Chennai, daughter of Mr. Kannan who passed away. He is my grandfather’s first wife son and my Mama.

      • Hello Mr. S.V Ramanan Sir,

        I found out that he is known as ‘Ranger Parthasarathy’ I believe he used to be forest ranger.


      • Dear Anu,

        Now I recollect and have seen One Mr. T.K. Chari who lived in the Door No. 6/96 of Agraharam around 1960-65 when I was 10 Yrs old.. At that time he was around 60-65 of age. Means that he might have born 1900-1905. That time he was living alone. No sons or daughter in-law are lived with him. He use to read Hindu News Paper and written petition to the collector of Thanjavur to shift the Ration Shop to Thillaisthanam. I remember one time the collector came in person and discussed with him. He has written one book also, He will use to tell that he is the ‘KALKI AVTHARAM”. He will speak good English. I think he might be the same Mr. T.K.Chari which you have mentioned. Now I am in New Delhi. When I go to Thillaisthanam next time I will inquire more about him. my mail id: Mobile: 9711919001

  50. My mom’s name is Jayam and my mother’s sister name is Sethu. Patti’s name is Rajammal. We are building a temple for Sri Bala. We are trying to find our roots to get to know our thatha’s family. which was completely hidden from us. No clue. 🙂 i am currently in the US and my cousin sister is in London and we are trying to find our roots. Please help.

  51. dear sir do you have Dr. T.S.RAJU’s homeopathy books in tamil or any address to get them. i need them pl help

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